Shenkeng Old Street

Remembering Spring in Taiwan


April, indeed, is the best time to go to Taiwan and experience spring. Remembering last year’s travel to North of Taiwan – nice and cool climate that envelope the beautiful foliage of Taipei all the way to the country’s northernmost coasts.

Apart from good food and friendly locals, Taiwan is also one of the cleanest places to go to.

P L A C E S   E X P L O R E D  //

Yonghe District
Lehua Night Market
Taipei 101
Shiding District
Shengkeng Old Street
Beitou Thermal Valley
Bagua Tea Plantation
Yangmingshan National Park
Shimen District
Guanyinshan North Coast
Baishawan Beach
Feng Zhi Men Bike Trail
Linshan Cape


*** Updating this post soon for more of this Taiwan travel story! ***