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The raffled winner will get:

  1. Champion Sweat Bag
  2. Columbia Year of Toughness Planner 2018

*** shipping to be shouldered by the winner (P60 within Metro Manila and P120 for outside Metro Manila)




Rustan’s ActiveWear Now Open: Fitness is the new lifestyle!

Wonder why your social media never skips a feed on celebrities doing cross-fit trainings, friends on 32km-runs and people discovering keto diets? A lot of new fitness centers and training grounds have also sprung lately in several areas in the metro. Being fit and healthy is not just a thing, it is now becoming a way of life.

At Rustan’s ActiveWear, the concept of wellness goes beyond being fit—it is also about feeling happy, pumping up the adrenaline, and enjoying experiences that promote good health and well-being.

Hoppiepolla-Features_180301_Rustans-ActiveWear_09Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters joining in the cardio workout dance

Rustan’s has just launched their own retail outlet for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and the activewear fashion buffs. Mizuno, Asics and New Balance are top brands tested for their workout shoes – designed for power, mobility and stability, while Adidas and Under Armour offer a wide range of sporty apparel and accessories.


Rustan’s ActiveWear first store at Ground Floor, Rustan’s Makati

Ladies who are into stretching and meditation exercises such as yoga, pilates, and alike, will now find plenty of options to move with ease and comfort while looking good and confident. Prana, Maaji and Atsui have also placed their racks of swoon-worthy active wear silhouettes, full of character and style. Pair these apparels with Certified Calm’s lines of back packs, yoga accessories, and exercise mats that are not only travel-friendly but sustainable, too.



Accessorize with Oakleys’s sports sunglasses and stay hydrated with S’well or Alladin’s water bottles, track your best time with Garmin and lift up moods with tunes while on a workout with in-ear headphones from Audio Technica, Skullcandy and Philips.

Champion, Quiksilver and Roxy are also some of the options for those who love training outdoors and go for swim-and-surf adventures. While Columbia and The North Face keep you protected and well covered with their apparel and accessories.




Games and activities headed by Bubbles Paraiso and Phoemela Baranda





Ruffa Gutierrez also sporting her cardio attire


Rustan’s ActiveWear partners with SaladStop! to promote a healthier lifestyle


Guilt-free snacks after the cardio dance workout



Rustan’s ActiveWear opens its first branch at Ground Level of Rustan’s Makati where they invite shoppers to enjoy special offers and discounts. There will also be door prizes during the event where everyone gets an ActiveWear Voucher valid from March 5 to June 30, 2018. The voucher entails holders to Php500.00 off for a one-time minimum purchase of Php5,000.00 from Rustan’s ActiveWear.




Just some of the items you can get at Rustan’s ActiveWear launch when you join in the easy games and activities

For the launch of Rustan’s ActiveWear, Rustan’s invites shoppers for a weekend of health and fitness on March 2 to 4 at the Ground Level of Rustan’s Makati. Enjoy special offers and discounts on brands like New Balance, Under Armour, Certified Calm, Skull Candy, and many others during the same weekend. Visit the brands’ areas and win special prizes with fun fitness games.

More than just a consumer trend, health and wellness should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Be active, energize, stretch and simply have fun being active!

For more information, visit Rustans.com.ph.





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The raffled winner will get:

  1. Champion Sweat Bag
  2. Columbia Year of Toughness Planner 2018

*** shipping to be shouldered by the winner (P60 within Metro Manila and P120 for outside Metro Manila)



Lola Porfiria

Few months ago, me and my sister drove together a couple of times in the south. She was always looking for an old lady who use to sell rags in a common area in Alabang. She narrates seeing her several times on that road and makes it a point to always give her money without the need of the rags. Last week, my sister offered me to buy some Nutella cookies which she will give 100% of the proceeds to an elderly woman. She is a new kid in baking, and I’m always interested with what new she’s able to come up to, moreover, glad that it’s going to be for a cause. She asked for some old clothes for a large sized but unfortunately what I can only give is either medium (me) or an extra large (husband’s).

Lola Porfiria_02

Cookie-For-A-Cause. P90 per cookie, 100% of proceeds will be donated.

     It turned out that the proceeds would be for the elderly woman she used to talk about. My sister, Marianne Ballesteros, always has tenderness for elderly people especially those who work hard for a living. She shares, she could not bear the thought of seeing our mother doing the same, and wishes that no elderly parent would suffer the same fate.


Lola Porfiria Ramos

Early March, she went to find the woman in Commerce Avenue in Alabang and interviewed her. Her name is Porfiria Ramos or “Peryang” as they call her. She is 85 and has two sons and one daughter. Both her two sons already have eyesight problems. When asked how many grandchildren she has, she could hardly count. After a quick chat, she gave her donations in a paper bag, meticulously packed. In a desire to share the elderly’s situation, she posts it in her Facebook account along with lola’s story and photos. She started a campaign for the elderly through selling her baked cookies with 100% of proceeds to serve as donations for Lola Porfiria. Since then, her post went viral not just because lola’s story is heartbreaking, but because a lot of people, mostly southerners, already knew her long before. They were all happy to see Lola Peryang given the attention that she deserves.


My husband who also does charity works was able to collect some goods from friends. This is the first batch of donations Lola Peryang received. 

Lola Porfiria_01

More cookies for fund-raising for Lola Peryang

Lola Porfiria has been selling rags for 5 years to support her whole family. She’s seldom seen in an island along Commerce Avenue between Daang Hari Road and Acacia Drive just outside Ayala Alabang Village and sometimes takes some rest under an Acacia tree. Out of P100 worth of rags, she earns P20. Just by typing this… it makes me shed tears. What can a 20-peso earning do? Even if she sells 5 or 10 packs in a day, it is not close enough to giving her and her family a decent life. Her skin is burnt to everyday’s sun exposure, and her eyes are starting to cloud due to perhaps, cataract. Her job in selling rags in her favorite location in between a main intersection and stoplight is risky due to fast cars passing by.


Lola Porfiria in Daang Hari, adjacent to Commerce Avenue where she’s always found working.

Last mid-March 2015, my family went out of the country and we had this Thailand trip booked late last year. My sister never missed to go with us on our travels. But this time, she was not able to book and go with us but relates that she can go some other time.

While me, my husband and our daughter are having a good time in Thailand, I learned through Facebook that my sister is going to be interviewed by a local channel (GMA 7) and so does Lola Peryang. Through this media coverage, it is going to help Lola Peryang and her family a lot, as well as substantiate all the donations that were collected through the viral post from social media.

Lola Porfiria 03

Front Row coverage of Lola Porfiria aired last March 16, 2015

Lola Porfiria 05

See Lola Porfiria’s story in Youtube.

I was glad that she was able to accompany the elderly during the media interview and have her go through a health checkup. I told her that maybe, that’s the reason why she was not able to go with us. Suggesting that it’s probably a time for her to continue on what has been started, she created a page in Facebook named Elderlies Of The South where she will be posting the updates on Lola Porfiria’s journey to a better life.

She has also kicked off a donation program through Bayanihan Project for Lola Peryang’s dream sari-sari store to help her continue earn for their living without the dangers of having to work on the streets.

After the advocacy on making Lola Peryang and her family’s life much better, Marianne is considering to help other elderlies in the south which will also be posted in her Facebook page, Elderlies Of The South.

– End –

Why you should switch to Brown Rice

brown rice 1

Have you tried eating brown rice on a regular basis?

Having three full meals a day has become a luxury for most Filipino families, with white rice being a vital part of every Filipino’s diet. However, relying on white rice alone exposes them to hidden hunger – the state of filling their stomach with food but not getting the proper nutrition that they deserve.

This need not be the situation, and we can do something to change it.

A simple lifestyle switch has a greater impact than you can imagine. Being conscious of what we eat helps not only ourselves but also our fellow Filipinos and the country. By simply making the switch to what is usually thought of as the “dirty rice”, we are actually making a big difference. Dubbed as the Good Food, brown rice is not only beneficial to one’s health but also the environment. The local small-scale farmers who are at the forefront of the movement supporting brown rice also benefit from the choice that we make, hopefully encouraging more farmers to take part as well. This is a crucial step for our country to achieve rice self-sufficiency.

Brown rice is not a rice variety. Red rice or the traditional black rice can be sold as “brown rice” for as long as they are unpolished and the bran is still intact.

White rice undergoes two or more major mechanical post-harvest milling processes which technically is scaling off the bran layer and the germ where most of the nutrients reside. To produce white polished rice, substantial nutrients are lost such as vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, phosporus, Iron and all the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.

Brown rice is definitely the healthier kind of rice. With its bran still intact, brown rice retains most of its nutritional content, providing almost all the necessary nutrients a body needs. A cup of brown rice has 3.5 grams more fiber than a cup of white rice. The bran and germ on the surface of brown rice are rich in B vitamins that helps prevent beri-beri. It also has laxative properties that aids digestion and prevents gastro-intestinal diseases. It contains phytic acid, an anti-oxidant, as well as anti-cancer properties. Because of its lower Glycemic Index (GI), a cup of brown rice also reduces risks of Type 2 diabetes by 60%. The naturally occurring oils of Brown Rice also help lower level of bad cholesterol known as LDL cholesterol by 17% since it contains a considerable amount of unsaturated fatty acids. Likewise, it also inhibits an endocrine protein called Angiotensin, a common culprit in blood pressure increase and leads to certain cardiovascular diseases.

Brown rice is not just for individuals on a diet or those who have problems with their digestive system. The high protein (lysine) content in brown rice is also good for children’s growth. Mothers who breastfeed can also get their dose of vitamin B (thiamine) from brown rice, which is important for milk production. With the bulk of Pinoy daily diet depending on rice, the consumption of brown rice can help prevent obesity and ensure that every member of the family is provided with more nutrients.

Why brown rice is good for the environment and the community

“With the increasing number of people hitting the poverty line and getting hungry everyday, consuming brown rice is ideal because it gives you enough nutrients that you need,” says brown rice advocate and Dakila vice president Noel Cabangon.

The shortened milling process of brown rice lessens energy consumption. According to estimates, about 50-60 percent of fuel is saved in the production of brown rice. It also lessens waste. In fact, the milling recovery of brown rice is known to be 10 percent higher than white rice.

Land and water systems will also be spared from harmful effects because the production of brown rice uses organic farming methods which help minimize the use of pesticides and insecticides.

By eating brown rice, we are helping our farmers produce healthier and safer food by reducing the need for farmers to produce more rice for the market. This will provide them opportunities to adopt more sustainable farm practices such as farm diversification and reduction of pesticides, and further gives long-term health benefits to rice farmers and their families.

Going brown is tantamount to reducing rice waste, thereby bringing down the country’s overall rice consumption. With less waste during milling and with the country buying from its own farmers, the need for importing rice can be reduced. This spurs local rice production, increases the country’s agricultural capacity and shields the country from global food crises and price shocks.

Under Oxfam’s GROW campaign and in partnership with Dakila, the Brown Rice Campaign aims to bring brown rice back to the regular diet of Filipinos. This aims to popularize Brown Rice to the level that restaurants and establishments will offer dishes using brown rice as an alternative for consumers. Together with its celebrity advocates, the campaign has traveled around the country to encourage people to make the positive shift and consume brown rice.


Advocates of Brown Rice Campaign (to name a few) and their recipes:

photo 3 photo 4

photo 4photo 3

photo 2 photo 1

photo 3photo 2

photo 2photo 1


To learn more about Brown Rice, visit:





Drink Experiment

There are always sodas and powdered drinks that come in handy.  But why I like to come up with something different?

I’d say blender could be your next best friend to make an ordinary drink turn extraordinary. Ingredients are just around the corner, sometimes you just need to mix and match them and give it a little pulse.

I am making this page a collection for just any beverage I come up to. Juices, smoothies, ice blended coffee, margaritas, and what not..


(Apologies for some grainy pics!)

Fruit-Infused Water


Refresh your day with a simple yet refreshing dose of fruit-infused water! There are just some days when you feel like detoxifying. But lazy enough to fix yourself some fruit juice, or all you need is just simple water to quench your thirst.

How about just make a few slices and dunk ’em in the pitcher? It’s way better than just plain water. You still get lots of benefits by not making it too heavy on fiber for you. You need not throw the fruits after, you can still mix the fruits when it’s time for you to blend a smoothie..

Watermelon-Infused Cocktail Drink

IMG_0684 2

So, we’ve got watermelon leftovers.  Froze them and used like iced cubes as I crave for a little cocktail drink tonight.

Let it sit for 5 minutes and it becomes a watermelon-infused alcohol. Let it sit for 15 minutes and it becomes an alcohol-infused watermelon!

The more you soak it, the more watermelons become tangy when you bite.

You can try this out with other fruits too – pineapple, apple, oranges or cucumber maybe?  Looks pretty and tastes cool!

Lemonade with Berry Essence

  IMG_2474 1

Basically just lemonade + berry essence/juice which I got from a commercially packed frozen berries (raspberry, blueberry and strawberries).

Pineapple Gatorade Ombre Slush

IMG_1424 1

We regularly make pineapple slushie for health reasons. I got bored one day so I poured Tropical Flavored Gatorade and it became ombre like this..

Pineapple is good for your colon and heart, plus you get the benefits of added electrolytes and sodium from this power drink! Delicious!

Mocha Choco Lava

IMG_1574 1

A velvety ice-blended coffee without spending too much..

You don’t really need costly ingredients to make a wonderful frappuccino. Yes, thanks to Starbucks for coining that word.

All you need is a quality coffee, milk/creamer, ice and ice cream! And you now can make some fancy pantsy with it.

I used:

1 tsp Nescafe Matinal Coffee Granules (bought in Singapore)

1 tsp creamer

2 tbsp milk

A dollop of Arce Dairy chocolate ice cream

The coffee is incredibly good in itself, you drink halfway and the flavor of chocolate ice cream starts to blend in.. What a wonderful rich combination!