Joie De Vivre @ Pasarbella Farmer’s Market

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A sister and a sister-in-law wanted us to come and visit Marina Bay Sands to see its wonders and purposely to have dinner at Makansutra.  Standing from MBS Grandstand, seems like a long walk is needed to get to the famous food place. As all of us were tired from the Universal Studios tour, we decided to stay where we were, realizing that the boardwalk is a food place already in itself.

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The good smell of roasted pork coming from one of the stalls made us more interested to walk around, making us hungry all the more.  I thought it was just a plain alfresco food dining situated by the waters, but as I roamed around the area I found things very interesting seeing the name ‘Pasarbella’ from different random spots. I never heard of Pasarbella before, until I realized it sort of establishes a market of raw, organic, gourmet goods. Something I am always fond of. I love things that are raw and natural, thus my enthusiasm for gourmet and organic markets like these.

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The gourmet market looked shuffled in an artsy manner – a hodgepodge look of wooden crates, vines, colorful chalkboards, graffitis, down to detailed retro fonts!

In Singapore, even in Manila, you’ll hardly find luck in catching farmer’s market that are organic in nature. Most often than not, you’ll find these types of markets only in bazaars or in expos where sellers are concessionaires in a handful of days only.

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 There are fruits and vegetables, fresh meats like seafood, meats, cheeses and cold cuts you can buy from the market. You can also dine in with sandwiches, burgers and delicatessens that somewhat match the variety of gourmet beers and wines sold from stall after stall.

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  As we’re really after for a good heavy dinner, we went to hunt that inviting savory roast pork, and found it – Keith Crackling Roast! Their recipe is similar to my hometown’s ‘lechon kawali’ with very crispy pork skin cooked to perfection. After our long day’s walk, we wished to have loads of carb. Unfortunately we  failed to find rice! And ended up just buying more roasted pork since the food place is actually more of a booze and pica-pica. Well, goodluck to our cholesterol levels! 🙂

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I was engaged with one of the stalls selling sodas that also sells gourmet pies on one side. What struck me are the bottles with uniquely graphic designed packaging. After sometime of appreciating art in a beverage store, the first thing that came into my mind was to buy one just so I can bring the bottle home as a souvenir. I bought one Gingerella soda drink because of the fiery retro design of a girl’s head on the bottle which I very much liked. While my sister and sister-in-law opted for Lemmy Lemonade Soda.

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Gingerella soda was said to be made up of organic ginger from Sri Lanka, lemon, vanilla from Papua New Guinea and sugar from Paraguay. Ingredients from different countries for a price of S$2. The taste? Awesome!

As I searched about these organic sodas, these are New Zealand owned and operated soda company saying their drinks are fairtrade, ethically sourced and organic. Find out more about this awesome soda company here.


Not only Pasarbella caters fresh produces, meats and gourmet meals. There are also organic grocery goods like uniquely flavored teas, nuts, trail mixes, jams, juices and coffees. There are also health and beauty products that claim to be manufactured organically. I wanted to get one of each kind if not only for the limited baggage allowance I have on my way back to Manila.

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There’s a chic store too selling unique knick knacks. I intentionally did not bother to get in or I’ll drool at these stuffs. I am weak with having to manage to just look at cute, vintage-y and shabby novelty items, all of which in one glance I haven’t seen yet anywhere in Manila.

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The Marina Bay Sands boardwalk at night time boasts off Wonder Full –  Light and Water Show which is a hit to tourists who’d want to watch something spectacular by the bay. While waiting for the show to start, we meanwhile enjoyed the panoramic view of the city. It was a perfect time for us to catch the light and water show, at the same time, experience Pasarbella.