Homemade yogurts!

Freshly made yogurts are the best! 

One of the many recipes I’ve always wanted to learn, is yogurt. The main reason that giving yourself a yogurt a day is considered indulgence given the budget to consider for a month’s consumption when you buy from the market. These commercially made yogurts are good and yummy too. But all you get is good packaging and branding, thus the price. So why pay too much if you can get all the same benefits? Not to mention the handful of fruit bits you get out of it. Like, is there really fruit inside? And just thinking of factory processed food is not what I would want to get into my body on a daily basis. Fresh is always simply the best.

So I’ve tried making my own with very basic ingredients such as milk and yogurt base.  It’s so easy you wouldn’t believe it!

The exciting part is, you could always get the flavor that you want! Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries would be perfect to go with your yogurt, because the tangy flavor and creaminess of this dairy product blends well. But in my case, living in a tropical country, mangoes and bananas are good alternatives which I can find just around the corner. Though I can always get a good frozen pack in the grocery if I’d want to. You can also mix in granola, nuts and dried fruits to make an instant muesli. If you want it extra sweeter, try adding honey, karo syrup or caramel sauce. Or plain sugar is just as good though.

The good thing about making your own is, you have limitless flavorings and toppings to choose from.

Experiment. And maybe you can get into the best yogurt recipe ever!