Rustan’s ActiveWear Now Open: Fitness is the new lifestyle!

Wonder why your social media never skips a feed on celebrities doing cross-fit trainings, friends on 32km-runs and people discovering keto diets? A lot of new fitness centers and training grounds have also sprung lately in several areas in the metro. Being fit and healthy is not just a thing, it is now becoming a way of life.

At Rustan’s ActiveWear, the concept of wellness goes beyond being fit—it is also about feeling happy, pumping up the adrenaline, and enjoying experiences that promote good health and well-being.

Hoppiepolla-Features_180301_Rustans-ActiveWear_09Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters joining in the cardio workout dance

Rustan’s has just launched their own retail outlet for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and the activewear fashion buffs. Mizuno, Asics and New Balance are top brands tested for their workout shoes – designed for power, mobility and stability, while Adidas and Under Armour offer a wide range of sporty apparel and accessories.


Rustan’s ActiveWear first store at Ground Floor, Rustan’s Makati

Ladies who are into stretching and meditation exercises such as yoga, pilates, and alike, will now find plenty of options to move with ease and comfort while looking good and confident. Prana, Maaji and Atsui have also placed their racks of swoon-worthy active wear silhouettes, full of character and style. Pair these apparels with Certified Calm’s lines of back packs, yoga accessories, and exercise mats that are not only travel-friendly but sustainable, too.



Accessorize with Oakleys’s sports sunglasses and stay hydrated with S’well or Alladin’s water bottles, track your best time with Garmin and lift up moods with tunes while on a workout with in-ear headphones from Audio Technica, Skullcandy and Philips.

Champion, Quiksilver and Roxy are also some of the options for those who love training outdoors and go for swim-and-surf adventures. While Columbia and The North Face keep you protected and well covered with their apparel and accessories.




Games and activities headed by Bubbles Paraiso and Phoemela Baranda





Ruffa Gutierrez also sporting her cardio attire


Rustan’s ActiveWear partners with SaladStop! to promote a healthier lifestyle


Guilt-free snacks after the cardio dance workout



Rustan’s ActiveWear opens its first branch at Ground Level of Rustan’s Makati where they invite shoppers to enjoy special offers and discounts. There will also be door prizes during the event where everyone gets an ActiveWear Voucher valid from March 5 to June 30, 2018. The voucher entails holders to Php500.00 off for a one-time minimum purchase of Php5,000.00 from Rustan’s ActiveWear.




Just some of the items you can get at Rustan’s ActiveWear launch when you join in the easy games and activities

For the launch of Rustan’s ActiveWear, Rustan’s invites shoppers for a weekend of health and fitness on March 2 to 4 at the Ground Level of Rustan’s Makati. Enjoy special offers and discounts on brands like New Balance, Under Armour, Certified Calm, Skull Candy, and many others during the same weekend. Visit the brands’ areas and win special prizes with fun fitness games.

More than just a consumer trend, health and wellness should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Be active, energize, stretch and simply have fun being active!

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The raffled winner will get:

  1. Champion Sweat Bag
  2. Columbia Year of Toughness Planner 2018

*** shipping to be shouldered by the winner (P60 within Metro Manila and P120 for outside Metro Manila)




Takshing Electrotherapy Massage

See my story in Manila Standard Today: One that stands out

Hoppiepolla_Takshing Electrotherapy Massage _01

I started frequenting spas when I became an online freelancer. I suffer from sharp back pain when I sit in front of the computer for hours.

     A visit to the spa is my treat to myself after a long day’s work. I’ve tried several massage treatments from different spas and wellness centers. Over the course of time, I learned to pinpoint what’s a good massage that effectively targets every body discomfort and what’s something that just makes you doze off.

Hoppiepolla_Takshing Electrotherapy Massage _06

Takshing has a peaceful ambience with dim lights set to put your body in more calmed state

Recently, I’ve tried something new called “Electrotherapy massage.” Across many massage treatments I have tried, this is the most unique and promising.

Electrotherapy massage provides low-volt electrical energy that passes from the therapist down to the client’s body with the use of gentle strokes which stimulate the nerves.

As opposed to typical Swedish or Shiatsu massages, electrotherapy doesn’t require a lot of client-masseuse contact. It uses a mat that provides low-volt electrical energy that passes from the therapist down to the client’s body with the use of gentle strokes, stimulating the muscles and nerves. This electric current gives unique relaxation and healing treatment that unclogs blood vessels, allowing for nutrients to be well distributed throughout the body. This claims to fight a myriad of illnesses while keeping skin vibrant and youthful.

After an hour of massage, it puts back vibrancy and energy to the body, contrary to making the client feel sleepy, heavy and sluggish just like in typical massage treatments.

Hoppiepolla_Takshing Electrotherapy Massage _02

Clean, simple, comfortable rooms

Hoppiepolla_Takshing Electrotherapy Massage _03

Lavender-scented cream helps alleviate stress and calms the senses



First in the country to introduce electro-therapy massage is Takshing Healthcare and Beauty Center.

As Takshing’s Signature Electrotherapy Massage heals the body from within, it also works its magic on your skin, making it supple, nourished and glowing. It also helps effectively tone your body safely and painlessly. This treatment also releases unwanted body toxins and reduces cellulite.

For the face, Takshing’s Electrotherapy Facial works brilliantly in reducing wrinkles and skin blemishes while bringing out one’s natural inner glow. They also have Electrotherapy Foot Spa which provides long-lasting foot muscle relief.

Electrotherapy is also a treatment commonly used to treat a number of health problems including stroke, arthritis, insomnia, migraine, sciatica and gout. It is also reportedly used in treating sports-related injuries by improving one’s peripheral blood flow, thereby helping the body heal faster. This massage treatment has also been proven to alleviate body pain, reducing muscle spasm and tightness, which are the main causes of persistent body pain.

Hoppiepolla_Takshing Electrotherapy Massage _04

After-massage water and warm towel for added comfort

For people like me who need specific body treatments, Takshing Healthcare and Beauty Center also offers treatments targeting specific body parts including its unique Takshing Signature Facial with Neck, Shoulders & Arms Massage and Takshing Foot Reflexology.

Hoppiepolla_Takshing Electrotherapy Massage _05

Anna King, the first franchise owner of Takshing Healthcare and Beauty Center in the Philippines

Takshing Healthcare and Beauty Center hails from Hong Kong and is present in over six countries, including China, Thailand, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Takshing Healthcare and Beauty Center is located at Unit 103, Richbelt Terraces, 19 Annapolis St. Greenhills, 1500 San Juan. Contact (632) 705 7003 or (63999) 967 3843 to begin your Takshing experience!