What’s My Type of Tropical?

Lately I’ve been mad about tropical elements that are put in dresses, tops, skirts, scarves and bags. As opposed to prints like zigzag, chevron, polkas, stripes and other common prints that are easy to recreate, tropical elements just like florals do have a wide variety of designs that differ from color combinations to specific images used to form a large scale print. Being a graphic designer, I’d have to admit not all designs appeal to my taste in a graphic sense. More often than not, I take time in choosing a specific print that I like (which unfortunately I get to see from high-end fashion clothing stores that usually are beyond my budget) 🙂 I very well differentiate if an artwork was made with exclusivity and hard work. Most importantly, if it’s something not anyone can easily make a replica from.

To further explain my ideology of “tropical prints”, I tried to collect some sample of  tropical prints evolving from a jungle look  to more specific prints like bananas!

Starting off with that specific element I look for in tropically printed fabrics.. The banana leaf.

My sense of tropical style lately is more of greens and white. Plain green leaves on white background is a simple yet a strong punch for a tropical design.



Banana flowers sprouting against dominance of green.




In phone cases and wallets.




The pointy palm leaves are a perfect match to rounded, softer edges of the banana leaves in different shades of green detailed in highlights and shadows for a more 3d effect.



Aside from loving the piece itself, how can you not love the combined elements of tropical and geometry on this! A few hints of oranges was a hit.


Tropical preempts the use of more “greens”, but for a profound tropical feel, elements of wild birds, ferns and florals add contrast and more “jungle” character.


This shoe print reminds me of Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.


Royal blue backgrounds against faded tropical elements is also a winner. This time, the design is more on a hawaiian side with gumamelas, plumerias and palms.


A cross of floral and tropical because of the balance of florals and hefty greens on the background.


Deep contrasts and unsaturated neutral hues.


I know this very much looks familiar.. A Zara tropical print staple!


 Here’s to more unsaturated look.






Perfect tropical on broad white sheet.. Colors come alive with perfectly drawn tropical elements with its true color and shading.


On a  neon side..


A more eccentric look with a lot of contrasts of saturated hues.


Adding more unique prints as I go along with my search for best tropical prints!

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Going Fruit Specific

I have been talking about tropical elements lately.. This time, why not go fruit specific? 🙂

I know there was a time you’d love to wear a dress with cherries allover. Let’s give it a try for bananas and pineapples!




Pineapples on dark background.



Pineapples on white background.


Pineapples on soft blue background. It’s like pineapple against pale sky.



A guy can pull that off too!


I’m thinking of adding more watermelons and cherries for a “redder” collection. But for now, it’s a time for yellows 🙂

Ditsy prints and lace accents.

I have always loved VINTAGE. And recently I have come across a clothing site packed with vintage-inspired outfits that really stopped me from whatever I was doing and lead me astray, and – got me stuck the whole day, or days? Because it was a labor day sale specials,  and I confess, the marketing strategy got me.

Well, I guess shopping syndrome is what every woman, if not all, do have. Like, upon getting into an MNG, Forever 21, Zara or Promod boutique gives me a feeling that I wanted to pee first with thrill before I riff through the whole rack. Literally, before anything else, I needed to go to the bathroom before window shopping online.

It has been a long time since I last shopped (for clothing). Because I’ve set myself to not shell out anymore with clothes just hanging in the closet for years. And priorities have changed now. But I’m telling you, do not attempt to thrift yourself out of shopping for months just to curb yourself from spending. Because one day, when you come across a good window display, you might end up spending more because you can get yourself justifying for the penitence.

And speaking of ‘justifying’, here I share some of my good finds. To make all the shopping all worth it. Hah!

Forever 21 Floral Shirtdress in Navy

The primary colors are reminiscent of retro colors, matched with navy blue background. It’s a good combination of a pintucked pleating and chiffon fabric with ditsy prints all over. And yes, it comes with a light brown slim belt!

Dotted Red Collar Dress

I am not a red person, but reds have come a staple for a vintage look. If wearing a red dress will make me bold but in a vintage way, why not!

Combined with white tiny polkas, this will look great with vintage brown strappy flats or heels.

Pointelle Light Pink Swing Top

Light pinks or light old roses are my favorites. Because they blend well with my skintone which is a cross between yellowish fair and morena (!?). I ended up getting an inner stretch cami as well, because I don’t have the guts to wear an ultimate cropped top.

Laces are more of victorian/edwardian feel, thus making it vintage looking. Black laces look best for that, but since I don’t want to be fancy-grandeur looking, I’d settle for subtle pinks 🙂

Lace Inset Matelasse Dress

Here is a lighter pink version, blossom.

This stretch, bodycon dress would be my good on the spot rescue when I need something semi-formal for, maybe, a wine tasting event?

The lace inset style gives  your bod more accent and figure, making the upper portion of the chest look a little wider and down your hips a little rounder.