Mint-To-Be Wedding Favors

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 Easy Artisanal Mint-To-Be Wedding Favors

Gone are the days when you go to Divisoria to buy ready-made cabinet display figurines for wedding souvenirs. With a lot of inspirations available on the web today, a little working hands will go along way to create something unique, fabulous and practical to give away to guests without having to spend too much.

This Mint-To-Be Candy souvenirs are inspired by Martha Stewart which originally used rectangular tin candy containers. Unfortunately, I was only able to find something similar in Beabi local store, which were rounded ones.

For 20 wedding guests for a simple solemnisation ceremony, I picked 17 small ones for friends and relatives, and 3 bigger ones for the parents. As I searched for candy mints in the grocery, looks like the cheapest I can find is Polo candy which only costs 10 pesos per pack of 20. Makes sense though, as they looked more like rings!

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After unwrapping the candy mints and putting them onto the containers, I printed out in a single parchment sheet “mint to be” notes to serve as lining for the candies and as for guests to unravel the candy mints underneath.

Hoppiepolla_Creates_Craftwork_Wedding_Souvenirs_Candy_03 1

I’ve lined up the candies in 3’s filling up the container with 5 sections, a total of 15 candies in a container. For the parents’ souvenirs, I just placed a hefty amount enough to fill an extra spacious container without having to arrange properly. Another option is to use smaller candies or mint bubblegums and just randomly fill up each tin can.

The opaque parchment cuttings will give an elegant look as you place it on top of the candies with a heartfelt note on it.

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After covering the candy containers, now it’s time to print a customized vintage-style labels with the newly weds’ initials!

Here, it’s time to incorporate the main wedding theme colors. In my case (using the colors the couple chose), I used teal and rust. I’ve searched for a distressed wooden plank image over the internet and used it as the main background. Making sure there’s less contrast so the R & C initials will stand out more. Added some vintage-style ribbon with “Guaranteed Genuine” mark, which pertains to the “genuine love” of the couple 🙂 Below is “Date Manufactured: 091914” as the would-be wedding anniversary, and “No Expiry” for a love that’s bound to last forever!

There are a lot of things to add if you want it more interesting. You can try putting “Ingredients of Love”, “Nutritional Facts of Love”, etc. But since I have limited space to work on less than 2-inch diameter tin cover, I’ve minimized the writings to important details only such as the initials and anniversary date.

Hoppiepolla_Creates_Craftwork_Wedding_Souvenirs_Candy_05 1

To add a hint to what the guests are getting, I’ve cut out mint leaf stickers to seal the mini canisters in case the containers slip open. The green mint leaves refreshingly added a natural touch too!

Hoppiepolla_Creates_Craftwork_Wedding_Souvenirs_Candy_06 1

Hoppiepolla_Creates_Craftwork_Wedding_Souvenirs_Candy_07 1

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After finishing the candy containers, I’ve printed out business card-sized stickers just to stick on my metallic pouches. These silver pouches as you can see are the usual food-grade containers used for candies, peanuts, trail mixes, etc. I used them as the main packaging for the candy cans instead of usual paper bags or cloth organza pouches.

As the souvenirs are being distributed, guests can read the Thank You note before they open a sweet surprise.

Hoppiepolla_Creates_Craftwork_Wedding_Souvenirs_Candy_09 1

Before anything else, congratulating Robert and Carla! A couple that’s Mint-To-Be! ❧

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Here’s a list of all the materials I’ve used for this simple artisanal wedding favors along with the prices:

1. 17 Beabi medium round tin containers (around 2 in. in diameter) : P60 ea. (P1,020)

2. 3 Beabi large round tin containers (around 3 in. in diameter) : P90 ea. (P270)

3. [OPTIONAL] 17 Beabi small metallic pouches : P20 ea. (P340)

4. [OPTIONAL] 3 Beabi large metallic pouches : P25 ea. (P75)

4. 20 Polo candy packs : P10 each (P200)

5. 2 sheets matte stickers : P3 each (P6)

6. 1 sheet Parchment paper : P2

TOTAL Cost: P1,913.00 ($44)  – roughly P100 ($2.50) per guest


Welcoming Chi to your house

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One of the things I like in houses is the ability to change the interiors in case you get bored with the old setup.  But keeping in mind that every space is managed well and that good vibes and positive energy still flows within. I am not a total devotee of feng shui. But I believe in the “flow of energy” and that it should not be obstructed by any element, especially in the house where our mind and body seek for peace and tranquility after a hard day’s work.

I am glad that I was able to build (or renovate) our house early on, in such a way that I can make various interior design setups.  After all, space, no matter how small it is, should not hinder anyone’s interest for a change in the environment.

Thanks to Aling Noemi and Mang Warly for general cleaning the house and helping me move things up a bit. Now, mornings become happier with a new coffee nook ambiance with more breathing room and brighter space.

When you want some changes in your environment and maybe in your life? You change the things that surround you. And always let the Chi come in..

TeePee for the Kiddo!



Daughter has been very whiny because of her house that keeps on falling apart.. Because she insists on making one through pillows and blankets. Lol.

I have been thinking lately of making a playhouse for her, which apparently should be a “balikbayan” jumbo box that I was supposed to turn into somewhat a doll house or play house with windows, a door and all that. But since I’ve got some leftover bamboo pieces, thought of making a teepee instead.


The thought of recycling things more than it’s worth really excites me. I had one side of our lawn walled with bamboo pieces. Good thing, there were a few pieces left just lying around and I don’t know where to throw or stack them.  Glad I can turn these pieces into something that will save me money!

Since there were also some cord strings left from the garden wall installation, I used it to build the teepee.

First, I gathered four pieces of bamboo sticks and alternately arranged to form a pyramid. I started making a knot from the front all the way to the back. I made it in such a way it will be easy to fold back the legs in case I need to disassemble in the future.  So now, it looks like a tripod which I will just have to spread the legs apart.


After doing so, I grabbed my big stashes of old fabrics (unused swimwear fabrics) and paneled one on each side.


The tricky part is how to enclose the teepee using the fabrics, well as you see, it’s a hodgepodge of steps 🙂 Just follow your instincts..

I started with tying one end of the fabric (basically one corner of a fabric) on one of the sticks right above where the knot is. Then spreading the fabric all the way down covering one side of the pyramid. Use thumbtacks to seamlessly pin the sides of the fabric to the bamboo. Just repeat the steps until you cover all 3 sides, leaving the front uncovered which will serve as the door/entrance. After doing so, if you don’t want to cut or trim the edges, just fold and tuck the excess fabrics.


Accentuate the door with colorful buntings and it’s totally a creation!


Add in a clean rug inside as the floor and stack some cushions and pillows to make it cozy and comfortable.


Now she’s a happy kid with her own sturdy house! 🙂


Making a gift certificate enclosure out of fabric stashes

The good thing about fabrics is that, it’s so versatile you can make a whole lot of fun out of it – from fat quarters to small stashes. You can make the littlest thing out of these leftovers you’ve thought should have been off to the trash bin. Who would have thought you can make a GC  or voucher container out of fabric stashes? All you need are basic supplies and a little creativity.


1. hard envelope / old GC container

(in my case, a Globe Rewards GC envelope)

2. glue (Elmer’s)

3. scissors.

4. fabric stashes with prints in variety

The use of quilting process is a discovery of using fabric stashes altogether to create one big product. But this time, it doesn’t have to be threads and needles to go with your fabric. Because you can simply use.. a glue! Very fun, easy and all done in no time.

Here’s a sample of a GC container covered with assorted Joel Dewberry Granite fabrics from Aviary 2 collection.

Colors are of mustards, dark grays and creams.

It’ll save you money as you are recycling the leftovers, at the same time making an artwork out of wonderfully combined pieces. Be sure you get the right combination from colors to patterns and prints to achieve a whole new look!