A Luxurious Experience of Marina Bay Sands


If there’s one thing remarkable about Marina Bay Sands, it is the grandiose, colossal elements of its architectural design and interiors which make it unfathomable to the senses. Everything is huge, like you’re made to appear like ants. The indoor plants, the huge light bulb accents, the vases, the bridges, and all that fills its towering heights. Undoubtedly, this has become one of my adored man-made creations despite my inkling and loyalty for things raw and indigenous in nature.


This is our hotel room at 30th floor, the cozy premium space is already something to relish. It has the view of the Gardens By The Bay. This side of the hotel is much cheaper than the west (opposite) side which displays more of the cityscape.


Gardens By The Bay showing off its sparkle and beauty from 30th Floor.


Going to Marina Bay Shoppes, I’m at the Gardens Bay Bridge along Bayfront Avenue with the north and south view.


Another remarkable view to capture is the view that shows both Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Singapore Flyer.


This is Sands SkyPark at 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands Hotel with 150-metre infinity-edged swimming pool overlooking Singapore’s cityscape.


I was expecting a scenery with few people as possible.  But since we’ve come during the F1 season, I’ve expected the hotel to be fully booked as tourists and guests await the grand prix event. Nevertheless, it was a such an enjoyable moment seeing different folks all having their unique experience as mine.


The view at night was even more exceptional! Everything and everyone around seems like partying. There are bars to hang around with friends, or simply spend the night away on one of the pool benches under the palm tree, grab a a cocktail drink and enjoy the colorful city lights that give a one-of-a-kind party vibe. But in my case, I spent my time just getting a timelapse of the busy SkyPark.


I could not resist staring at this wonderful architectural standpoint. A spectacle of both water and city buildings virtually separated by an almost invisible pool edge sent shivers to my spine.  Honestly for me, the waters make no sense for a swimming experience. You must make the most out of your stay here just trying to marvel how wonderful it is to be on the 57th floor staring on the buildings like pieces of legos.


If I have gone to several selfie sessions with most of my travels, here in Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark deck, I-must-not-miss-any-spot! 🙂 It was lucky for me to get a chance to experience a one night stay here and if I get a chance again, I’d probably just do the same thing all over again. Maybe next time, with a more professional camera.


On the other side of the “banana”, is facing the east with a view of Gardens By The Bay. It has the jacuzzi which I enjoyed very much because of the relaxing hot water. The only thing I wanted besides a comfortable jacuzzi seat, is at least a hand rail to stand the pressure of the water as it massages my back.


The SkyPark got lots of trees to shelter more benches. You’d never know you’re on a penthouse, as it feels like more of a park.


 Above 57 levels, leaning on the edge of the pool just gives a majestic feeling as you pan across the picturesque industrial view of Singapore. With its first class bang, no wonder this is hailed as one of the top luxury  hotels and most sought-after destinations in Asia.

– END –

An Experience of Marina Bay Sands and Sands SkyPark Infinity

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